Gaemo Group is a network whose members offer expertise, trusted advice and solutions in governance, CSR and conflict management at board and senior management level for governments, corporations and NGOs.

Philosophy and approach

Gaemo Group was founded in Gaemo/Lapland in 2009 by four international lawyers from Europe and the United States. We draw on decades of experience in international business throughout the world either as partners in international law firms or as General Counsels of multinational corporations. On this basis the members assist businesses in combining economic goals with responsible leadership and a sound corporate culture to achieve a sustainable success and enhance their reputation.


Gaemo Group members act as trusted advisors and mediators for business, governments, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions on corporate governance and corporate responsibility, including business ethics, human rights and environmental matters. We provide strategic advice to the development of robust governance frameworks, including compliance and supply chain management, we contribute to the creation of sound legal standards in CSR and we assist in crisis situations.